How To Cure Foot Pain

Most people spend a large portion of each day on their feet. Standing, walking, and running all have the potential to cause foot pain under the wrong circumstances. If you experience foot pain, you should know that you don't have to be resigned to it. You can alleviate your foot pain using the proper methods. Here are four tips to help you eliminate sore feet once and for all: 1. Take off your shoes at home. Read More 

Ankle Replacement Surgery Might Be The Solution For Your Arthritis Pain

When your ankle arthritis gets to the point where your pain can't be controlled by wearing orthotic devices or using pain medications, your podiatrist might recommend ankle surgery. Here's a look at how ankle replacement surgery helps arthritis pain and how the surgery is done. How Ankle Replacement Surgery Helps Arthritis  Your ankle is able to move because there is a padding of cartilage between the bones in your lower leg and foot. Read More