What To Expect With Bunion Surgery

Bunions are a foot issue that usually occurs when your toe, usually your big toe, is pushed inward and causes the base of the toe to be pushed outward. This can cause all types of pain in the foot and can lead to issues with walking, or issues wearing certain footwear. This is usually an issue that is caused by wearing shoes that are too small or too narrow for your feet. If you are wearing improper footwear, you may have a bunion. If you have a bunion and are ready for surgery, you should know what to expect.

Read on for some information about bunion surgery

You'll Need To Take Time Off

More than likely, even if you sit down at your job, you are going to need to take some time off. You are going to need to rest your feet and will more than likely not be able to drive for a little while in order to allow your foot to heal. You need to stay off of your feet and may not be able to wear shoes for a little while as well. Depending on the type of job you have, it may be more time off, so be sure you are aware of how much time you will need to be off and that you can get this time off with your employer.

You Will Be Wearing A Walking Boot

You are going to be wearing a walking boot for some time as well. This will help ensure your foot heals properly and ensures that you are not going to overdo it right after your surgery. Your foot will more than likely be wrapped up in bandages and then you will need to wear the walking boot to help protect your foot and to prevent injury.

You Are Going To Need Help

You will more than likely need some help after your surgery. Your surgery may have been on one or both feet, and you may not be able to get up and move about as you did before. If you have children that need to be run around from appointment to appointment, or you have grocery shopping, or household chores that need to be done, you are going to need help. You will not be able to keep up with all of it yourself, so get the help you need and ask for help from friends or loved ones. 

If you are going to be having bunion surgery, there are things you should expect. There is going to be a period of recovery time, and just because you were given a walking boot does not mean you should be up and, on your feet, constantly throughout the day. Rest when needed and necessary and allow your foot to heal properly. Talk to your podiatrist about other information you should know about your upcoming surgery.