Avoiding Broken Feet Or Toes

People trip and fall every day, causing broken feet or toes. People also stub their toes everyday, on everything from the bare ground to pieces of furniture or any other object that is close to or sitting on the ground. Broken toes can be extremely painful and cause severe big toe joint pain. While most are told there is nothing that can be done about a broken toe, so to ignore it; it is a good idea to get in to see the podiatrist to rule out larger problems they can treat you for. The more steps that you take to prevent yourself from having trip and fall accidents, the greater your chances will be of avoiding these types of injuries. Here are some things you can do to decrease your falling risks:

Avoid wearing high heel shoes – Wearing high heels is never a good idea. They increase your chances of developing foot conditions like bunions and plantar fasciitis. They also increase your risks of falling and injuring yourself. Most types of high heels also have open toe areas, leaving your toes more susceptible to being injured.

Non-slip shoes should be worn in certain situations – Anytime you are going to be on potentially slippery flooring, you should opt for shoes that have non-slip soles. These soles will do a better job of gripping extremely smooth or even wet surfaces and help to prevent you from slipping and falling.

Wear socks with your shoes – If you don't wear socks with your shoes then your feet can get sweaty inside of the shoes and this can cause them to slide around a bit. When your feet are sliding in the shoes, there is more of a chance of you losing your footing and falling.

Cover your walkways with salt in the snowy season – If you live where the walkways can get icy then it is extremely important for you to cover them with salt, so you don't slip on the ice and get injured. The salt will prevent moisture from turning into ice.

Don't wear flip flops – Flip flop shoes are not good shoes to wear. They don't offer your feet any type of arch support, they hang on your feet in a way that makes tripping more likely and they leave the entire foot exposed to the elements. Something as simple as stubbing your toe can lead to a more serious injury when you are wearing this type of shoe. Going up and down stairs is also more dangerous in this type of shoe because they can slip off or even get stuck on the lip of the stair.

Don't go barefoot outside – Even if you are just going to check the mail, you want to make sure you put on your shoes. Otherwise, you can step on something that can bruise or cut the bottom of your foot. Walking outside barefoot also puts your toes at a huge risk for being stubbed and broken.