Your Podiatrist May Use These Tactics To Help You Avoid Foot Surgery

Having surgery to correct a foot injury, even if the procedure is minor, can be a hassle. While the outcome might be enticing, you probably aren't in favor of the idea of having to stay off your foot for a period of time, which may include the use of crutches. If possible, it's often ideal to do what you can to avoid foot surgery, and a podiatrist can be a valuable ally in this effort. Depending on the specific type of food issue that you're dealing with, your podiatrist may be able to use a variety of tactics to help you avoid having to go under the knife. Here are some things that this foot-care professional will do.

Fit You For Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics can help you deal with a number of uncomfortable foot issues that may eventually result in surgery if left untreated. For example, if you have severe plantar fasciitis that is painful enough to limit your ability to walk, surgery may be in your future. However, starting to wear custom-made orthotics in your shoes can relieve the pressure around your inflamed heel and start to allow you to spend more time on your feet without discomfort. Don't rely on shoe inserts that you can buy at a sporting goods store; only custom orthotics from your podiatrist will make a big different for your foot health.

Teach You Stretches

Many foot-related issues can be improved through dedication to a specific stretching regimen, and this is another area in which your podiatrist can help. In the case of plantar fasciitis, certain stretches of the tissues on the underside of your foot can help to alleviate pain and allow you to spend more time standing and walking without pain. When you visit the podiatrist, he or she will often stretch this area for you, and then show you how you can perform the same stretches at home between your appointments.

Provide Hands-On Help

For many foot-related issues that might eventually need surgery, a podiatrist can help through certain hands-on approaches. For example, many podiatrists will use magnetic pulse therapy, ultrasound, and other forms of treatment to alleviate pain. Podiatrists can also provide massage-like therapies, as well as physical manipulation of your foot and ankle, to reduce discomfort and allow for the area to heal naturally without the intervention of surgery. Contact your local podiatry clinic to learn more about what this foot-care expert can do for you.

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